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What is Naxcore?

Naxcore is the place where games are done right. Where development is aligned in favor of the community and the player experience, not the money. Naxcore is the place where high quality games are made and shipped out to the community free of charge, with no strings attached, and where a long lasting support for those games is guaranteed. If you’re interested, feel free to browse around the site and perhaps the forums. Surely, you fill find something that’s made just for you.
Naxcore (previously Hydra Development) has started out developing server side extensions for the popular sandbox game “Minecraft” and administering servers with customized gaming mechanics for the players to enjoy. Now, Naxcore focuses on creating entire games, not just extensions, to be published in the near future. All of that, for free.
The development of the planet based survival MMO “Spatium” will either begin in January of 2016 or during Summer 2016, depending on the success of the currently ongoing Kickstarter campaign. More details will be released once the development process has fully begun.
The number one motto at Naxcore is to always cater to the community, not the money. The intention is, to make our games as enjoyable as possible, to unity players from all over the world, and above all, to have fun. This only works with extensive feedback from the players of course, so feel free to drop by the forums at any time.

Visit Naxcore frequently to stay up to date with new information on games!

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